University of Notre Dame Delivers Top-Tier Experience to Match Top-Tier Academics

ServiceNow HRSD provides the institution with visibility and self-service

University of Notre Dame

The Brief:

Notre Dame HR had a goal to enable self-service, increase visibility, and provide a better employee experience. The department was leveraging ITSM for HR cases and wanted to transition to the HRSD scoped application and deploy a unified Employee Center. The University also had a very manual process for managing Positions throughout the University. They needed a solution that would support an automated workflow and allow hiring managers to collaborate with the multiple departments involved in position management.

What We Did:

To improve Notre Dame’s Employee Experience and to enable operational efficiency for HR service delivery, The Anti implemented ServiceNow HRSD, Employee Center Pro, and Case & Knowledge. The implementation included 20+ HR services, 1 custom position management application, a branded employee center, and more throughout this 43-week project.


In addition to automated processes, Notre Dame gained visibility and a well-branded portal. This portal is inspired by Notre Dame’s mission to provide a unified experience that is relevant, intuitive, and comprehensive. Increased visibility allows employees to easily see the status of their questions and requests. Overall, Notre Dame and The Anti were able to meet the University’s goal to enable self-service, increase visibility, and provide a stronger employee experience.

  • Position Management solution
  • Unified Employee Center
  • HR Services - ANTIcipate Success with HRSD
  • Knowledge Management
  • Virtual Agent and HR conversations
  • HR Profile integrations
  • Now Mobile