PRESS RELEASE: The Anti and Intact Technology Announce HR Modernization Solution for U.S. Federal Agencies to Transform the Employee Experience

Exciting news as we join forces with Intact Technology to unveil a groundbreaking HR Modernization Solution for U.S. Federal Agencies! The HRSD Federal Center of Excellence, powered by ServiceNow, is crafted to bring streamlined processes, enhanced visibility, and an unparalleled employee experience directly to YOU.

Explore how this collaboration is set to redefine HR for your agency!
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The Auto Club Group - Creating Safer Workplaces in 13 days.

Agile partners succeed under pressure.

The Auto Club Group

The Brief

Time-sensitive OSHA guidelines for new vaccine tracking compliance put Auto Club Group under the gun to implement ServiceNow Safe Work Place Suite before Thanksgiving break. ServiceNow recommended The Anti to close the technical gap and hit the deadline.

What We Did

The Anti quickly assembled the right resources, helping ACG prioritize core Safe Work Place Suite functionality and hit an aggressive deadline. In tandem, the team curated a list of ‘nice to haves’ and workflow enhancements for phase 2.

The Results

Partnering together, ServiceNow, ACG and The Anti hit the go-live target date and implemented new OSHA vaccine tracking compliance in less than two weeks.

  • 13 Day Implementation
  • State level vaccination status enabled across all locations
  • Incremental SWP rollout sped the process