Hospitals & Health Care: Moffitt Augments the Employee Experience

The Transition to ServiceNow HRSD

Moffitt Cancer Center

The Brief:

Moffitt sought to transition from Cherwell to ServiceNow HRSD in order to enhance the overall employee experience and reduce the administrative burden on the HR Team.

What We Did:

During the 22-week HR Pro implementation, communication was excellent between both teams at The Anti and at Moffitt. Sprint retrospectives allowed Moffitt to make adjustments to improve during the project, generating positive progress. The implementation included Employee Center Pro, two Knowledge Bases, 10 HR Services, Service Level Agreements, Reporting & Dashboards, and a Single Inbound Lawson Integration to populate the HR Profile.


Moffitt experienced a high adoption rate of their new platform, achieving their goals of enhancing the overall employee experience and reducing the administrative burden on the HR Team. The project was well-communicated and delivered on time.

  • 5 out of 5 Project Score from the Moffitt Team
  • HR Fundamentals Training for 10 participants
  • Moffitt’s Project Team says, “The ‘show and tell’ method of walking us through the requirements helped us gain confidence in transitioning to ServiceNow HRSD.”