Magellan: Seamless Case Management with ServiceNow

Difficulties within the case transfer processes skewed case resolution reporting and analytics; users did not have access to case tracking and approval history.

With process refinement case management resolution times and data can be measured with more accuracy.


By optimizing ServiceNow with streamlined, automated processes and easy to use case tracking and reporting, users have better visibility into case data and prevent them from opening cases that have already been closed.

What we did

By incorporating more efficiencies within Case & Knowledge Management, the case transfer process has become a more measurable experience.


With refined processes resolution times can be measured with more accuracy. The added ability to review security settings and policies enables users to create knowledge articles as needed and take proper action on cases.


  • Notifications give users better visibility into cases as they progress through a transfer
  • Elimination of manual coding updates help to provide users with more accurate resolution reporting and analytics
  • Ability to review security settings and policies provides selective access to appropriate files and actions