PRESS RELEASE: The Anti and Intact Technology Announce HR Modernization Solution for U.S. Federal Agencies to Transform the Employee Experience

Exciting news as we join forces with Intact Technology to unveil a groundbreaking HR Modernization Solution for U.S. Federal Agencies! The HRSD Federal Center of Excellence, powered by ServiceNow, is crafted to bring streamlined processes, enhanced visibility, and an unparalleled employee experience directly to YOU.

Explore how this collaboration is set to redefine HR for your agency!
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Kettering Health - Avoid ‘Answer Shopping’ with Practical Support

Disparate ticketing systems left users with more questions than answers.

Kettering Health

The Brief

Inconsistent responses to HR inquiries was slowing down Kettering Health's employees. They needed a single source of the truth to drive higher employee engagement.

What We Did

The Anti helped create a single system of action, allowing users to track cases and search for knowledge in one accurate place.


Employees engage their HR system with more confidence that the answer they get is indeed the right answer.

  • Virtual Agent help users find useful information for a number of HR-related inquiries
  • Consistent answers from HR support
  • Unification of disparate support and information systems