PRESS RELEASE: The Anti and Intact Technology Announce HR Modernization Solution for U.S. Federal Agencies to Transform the Employee Experience

Exciting news as we join forces with Intact Technology to unveil a groundbreaking HR Modernization Solution for U.S. Federal Agencies! The HRSD Federal Center of Excellence, powered by ServiceNow, is crafted to bring streamlined processes, enhanced visibility, and an unparalleled employee experience directly to YOU.

Explore how this collaboration is set to redefine HR for your agency!
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Magellan - Seamless Case Management with ServiceNow®

Cleaning up data to find truth in analytics.


The Brief

By optimizing ServiceNow with streamlined, automated processes and easy to use case tracking and reporting, users have better visibility into case data and prevent them from opening cases that have already been closed.

What We Did

By incorporating more efficiencies within Case & Knowledge Management, the case transfer process has become a more measurable experience.


With refined processes resolution times can be measured with more accuracy. The added ability to review security settings and policies enables users to create knowledge articles as needed and take proper action on cases.

  • Notifications give users better visibility into cases as they progress
  • Elimination of manual coding updates
  • Automatically see security settings and policies