PRESS RELEASE: The Anti and Intact Technology Announce HR Modernization Solution for U.S. Federal Agencies to Transform the Employee Experience

Exciting news as we join forces with Intact Technology to unveil a groundbreaking HR Modernization Solution for U.S. Federal Agencies! The HRSD Federal Center of Excellence, powered by ServiceNow, is crafted to bring streamlined processes, enhanced visibility, and an unparalleled employee experience directly to YOU.

Explore how this collaboration is set to redefine HR for your agency!
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CentraCare - Modernizing employee experiences.

Moving from multiple antiquated and manual systems, CentraCare EX gets an upgrade.


The Brief

CentraCare had had two objectives for their ServiceNow HRSD deployment: Provide a great employee experience and consolidate all HR processes into a single, enterprise platform. With manual processes and disparate systems, CentraCare selected The Anti for our knowledge of ServiceNow and fluency in HR processes.

What We Did

The Anti consolidated the employee experience into a single custom portal, without disrupting the focus of the internal IT team.


CentraCare employees now have a single, modern portal to access HR information, benefits, payroll and more.

  • Inbound integrations with 2 HCM systems of record.
  • 23 week implementation
  • New visibility into key KPIs