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C&S Wholesale Grocers - A Personalized HR Experience

C&S doesn't let an upgrade opportunity expire on the shelf.

C&S Wholesale Grocers

The Brief

C&S Wholesale Grocers had already purchased licensing for ServiceNow® HRSD, but had yet to fully implement it. The opportunity was pushed behind the many other projects already in flight within the company.

What We Did

By conducting an initial strategy engagement that included a health check and a roadmapping exercise, The Anti was able to swiftly identify C&S’s needs: realizing the full potential of the ServiceNow® platform and leveraging HR functionality in the latest release.


Unique integrations between ServiceNow® and Workday provide a wide breadth of information to provide C&S users with a uniquely tailored HR experience. Additionally, the company extended the utility of the platform through the mobile app, enabling further opportunities for advancement. Today, C&S Wholesale Grocers is enjoying the full capabilities of ServiceNow® HRSD and mature usage throughout the platform.

  • Easy system upgrades and maintenance
  • Performance analytics enabled integrations including Workday
  • A user experience based on their role within the organization, location, and associated cost center