C&S Wholesale Grocers: A Personalized HR Experience

C&S had purchased licensing for ServiceNow but had not been able to fully implement and adopt the technology with a number of other projects in flight.

C&S not only needed to adapt their system in a way that would better meet users’ needs, but they also needed a scoped application to make ServiceNow upgrades and maintenance a breeze.


ServiceNow enables C&S to ensure the right people see the right information given the complexity of their organization.

What we did

By conducting an initial strategy engagement that included a health check and road mapping exercise, it was easier for The Anti to identify C&S’s needs: realizing the full potential of ServiceNow and leveraging HR functionality in the latest release.


Unique integrations between ServiceNow and Workday provide a wide breadth of information to provide C&S users with a uniquely tailored HR experience.


  • A user’s experience is based on their role within the organization, location, and associated cost center
  • Easy system upgrades and maintenance