The California Department of Housing & Community Development Digitizes HR Processes

The previously manual and time-intensive state Form 200 was stifling resources and efficiency. Automation provided a smooth and efficient end-to-end process for the department.

California Department of Housing & Community Development (HCD)

The Brief:

The California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) helps to provide stable and safe homes that are affordable to its residents in need. HCD is one of many California State Agencies that is seeking out digitized, automated, and more efficient processes for its HR needs. All California State Agencies require their employees to submit a telework agreement if they are planning to work remotely. Previously, HCD managed these forms through manual processes that stifled efficiency and accuracy, while simultaneously putting a strain on their internal HR resources. These manual processes created increased risk of missed deadlines, significant staff time spent tracking, and/or the opportunity for forms to be lost altogether.

What We Did:

The Anti implemented a digitized version of the California Form 200 and created reporting processes to eliminate the cumbersome, manual paper procedures and to increase efficiency. The goal of this solution was to create an environment of transparency that would allow employees to work more efficiently while also providing the necessary operational controls for tracking and reporting.


CA. HCD is now benefiting from an automated process that allows for increased efficiency, prompt completion, and smooth submission from the agency to the state’s Department of General Services. The department has also gained increased visibility for tracking and reporting.

  • 900+ employees
  • 39 million state residents
  • 13 week project
  • Future projects being considered: ANTIcipate Success with HRSD, RPA, and Onboarding