Non-Profit Organizations: American Red Cross Transforms HR Delivery

The mid-project onset of a pandemic, Emergency Response Deployment, and a successful implementation.

American Red Cross

The Brief:

The American Red Cross is a nonprofit organization with 19,000+ employees and 300,000 volunteers. The Red Cross completed a 2-year project to transform their HR delivery model with the goal of providing easy, accessible, and just-in-time access to all HR services. The COVID-19 pandemic caused case volumes to soar; design and development teams rapidly responded to this need in conjunction with The American Red Cross’ urgency to provide a solution to their employees, volunteers, and medical staff.

What We Did:

The Anti configured 70 HR services, ~1,000 Knowledge Articles (800+ of which were external), and 18 unique HR assignment groups. When the pandemic struck North America, The Anti created a Sharepoint site in 48 hours for incoming cases, along with the early release of a streamlined portal with COVID services.


12 weeks after going live with ServiceNow Case and Knowledge, 40% of The American Red Cross’ HR inquiries were resolved via self-service through ESC and 43% of cases came through chat. Due to the success of the project, The Red Cross’ HR budget was reduced by 13%.

  • Changed HR model to a Tiered service structure
  • HR stood up Covid-19 Case Management Center (March 2020)