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With a Little Help from My Friends

With a Little Help from My Friends

However, I did not anticipate the adrenaline that hit me 5 minutes before walking on stage. I realized this was the first time I was asked to speak in front of this large of a group….representing The Anti.

I guess I underestimated the difference between representing someone else’s entity and representing your own. The excitement. The adrenaline. The don’t &%#@ this up thoughts. There’s an entire organization counting on you...because you are CEO. The panel was started by my good friend, Jason Averbook. I looked right and there were my good friends from ServiceNow, Debbi Francl and Molly Kissner. I looked left and saw my right-hand man Greg Smith. I realized that we are all meant for this moment. I realized there was nobody better to be sitting up there than Jason Averbook, ServiceNow, and The Anti.

When you have 4 teens as I do, you know the workforce isn’t ready for this generation. It is way too hard to get things done in today's workday. Systems don’t talk to each other...that is if you even know which system to go to. The technology in our pockets is so much more powerful than the screen that we stare at all day. We have learned to live with it..because we’ve always have had to. However, this group of people simply won’t tolerate it.

ServiceNow is one of the first PaaS (Platform as a Service for the non-techies) vendors out there to tackle this problem. ServiceNow has consumerized the employee experience, masking whatever is going on behind the scenes. The great news is you can just throw ServiceNow up as an interactive layer for your employees, and work to improve the “behind the scenes” later. All invisible to your employees. So Amazon-like.

This is why The Anti has taking the leap and is focusing entirely on the Employee Experience powered by ServiceNow. This allows us to innovate versus just turning wrenches. This allows us to please our four customers: The employees. The employer’s IT department. The employer’s HR department. ServiceNow.

Workplace 2020 used to be a thing of the future. It’s now just 13 months away. Let’s get to work!