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Why I Joined The Anti

Why I Joined The Anti

Not just because of our relationship, but most importantly the timing is right within the marketplace.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside many leading companies across the country that were looking to modernize and streamline their HR processes. One consistent theme amongst the many Go-Lives was companies that combined the horsepower of HR & IT working together had smoother rollouts and higher user adoption rates.

In the SaaS world, it’s not uncommon for point solutions and other vendors to pitch the ability to set-up and rollout new HR software packages without IT involved. This inevitably creates a siloed experience for the employee and backend users. Not to mention the company may never utilize the software's full potential without data flowing seamlessly between applications.

I know this pitch because I’ve given many times over in my career, which is why I know firsthand the power of HR & IT working better together! Beyond engaging IT to ensure systems are secure and can talk to one another, the real value is on the overall employee experience. The combined experience can provide an easy to use Amazon experience for employees across the entire enterprise which has proven to positively impact accessibility, productivity, retention rates, and overall employee satisfaction.

This is one of the many reasons I joined The Anti! Beyond the talented people that work here, I see an opportunity to help companies transform their HR processes by leveraging a digitized platform that provides an enterprise wide employee experience. So I have the best of both worlds now at The Anti . . . I get to work alongside good friends and help others, which I love to do!