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Where to Start with HR Service Delivery

Where to Start with HR Service Delivery

About 10 months ago, The Anti embarked on an MVP project for a major airline. Fast forward to today and we are now working with them to expand their initial project to more of the enterprise. In other words, the minimal viable product proved itself enough to do more. Mission accomplished, right? Not so fast, my friend. Workers still need to get onboarded, still need help from HR and still have a day job. This customer truly operates with the “go begin” mentality, not just “go live.”

What if you are part of an HR organization that realizes the interactions with your employees aren’t as robust as they should be or don’t provide that consumer-grade experience they expect from the likes of Amazon or Zappos?

The question we seem to get most from our prospects and customers is, “What should we do?” My colleague, Greg Smith, wrote a great post as you consider implementing ServiceNow HRSD. But as I think about this question, I see an attic in a home full of family heirlooms, storage bins of kids clothes, a few pieces of furniture and more than a few boxes full of stuff that came from the previous home and, in that corner, every holiday decoration known to mankind. All those belongings have value, but organizing them can be overwhelming. If you’re like me, you ask yourself, “What do I do first?”

HR can be that way, too. You might have a Sharepoint site full of links, outdated documents and duplicate content. There might be a shared network drive full of who-knows-what that only a few people can access. Your team might have a shared email inbox (or six) that is full to the brim. Invariably, there are “shadow systems” and spreadsheets that your team may have on their workstations. Can you picture the silos? Is your heart racing? See how challenging this could be to distill into an organized, well-designed HR service delivery strategy that your employees come back to day after day, gladly?

Our suggestion is to start small by answering these questions:

  1. What are the top 10 interactions our team provides on a weekly basis by specialty or skill? Benefits, Compensation, Payroll, Talent Acquisition, Workforce Admin, etc.
  2. What documents and systems support these interactions?
  3. Where do we want our employees to access all this valuable content?
  4. What other systems are we trying to consolidate and/or replace?

You don’t have to do it all at once. You can (and should) evolve your strategy over time. But not knowing what to do first or where to start doesn’t have to be difficult. Our approach, “Review and Recommend,” gets you tangible results, quickly. See what works, what doesn’t and continue to build out a service delivery organization that makes you the valuable, strategic partner to your company that HR aspires to be.

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