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What is the Anti?

What is the Anti?

Whenever you start a company, your first obsession becomes, what are we going to call this thing. Many times it consumes you so much that you paralyze yourself from getting anything else done until you have a name. Typically, founders take one of the following three routes.

First route, a name that describes what you do. Sometimes this goes a little crazy as the tendency is to embed trendy things to the front or the back of your name that dates you like parachute pants did back in the ‘80s. These days it's AI, AO, which make you feel like you’re chanting a Ramones songs.

Second route, come up with a fake word that you hope to one day become the next Google or Zappos. A verb. The drawback here is, in most cases, you spend most of your company's life helping people even pronouncing your name. I will refrain from poking at some of the crazy names I’ve seen over the years.

Third route, come up with an acronym that likely describes what you do. You have to be careful, as you don’t want to become the next MTV (Music Television) or NCR (National Cash Register).

We actually took a fourth route. We chose a name that defined our culture. Everyone claims that people are their greatest asset. However, in the consulting world, the people are the product as well. We felt our name must match our culture.

Which begs the question: What does The Anti mean? It’s quite simple. I engaged a very creative marketing team. Ambidustrious. We went through a series of interviews, with a ridiculous amount of caffeine, and a few themes came out on what we were trying to do at The Anti.

We are…

The Anti-thesis of how consulting is done today. We are not bureaucratic. We don’t have a bunch of overhead. We are crazy nimble.

The Anti-dote to paralysis by analysis. Many organizations spin their wheels with a whole lot of planning and replanning and very little doing, sticking with the status quo as it's safer than making a big decision. We like to get things done.

The Anti-cipation of what is next. Innovation is coming down the pipe at such a rapid pace. How do you know what is just a trend versus something that will truly transform your business overnight? We do that research for you so you can stick to your core business.

The Anti-fragile platform. How many times do you tackle an IT initiative to improve things and you fix 10 things but in the process you break 12 things. Simply throwing technologists at a problem doesn’t cut it anymore. We believe that you must partner a technologist with a subject matter expert/guru that always has the business in mind, thus making your platform less fragile.

So there it is. The Anti. Humbly guiding companies to improve their worker and customer experience powered by ServiceNow and