We’re Celebrating Two Years at The Anti!

We’re Celebrating Two Years at The Anti!

Most of us with children have read the book What to Expect When You’re Expecting. It guides us through a week by week progression of having a baby. How big the baby is. How you should be feeling. Everything you need to know during this exciting time.

When you start a new business, there is no such thing as this book. Sure you can call on others to assist you. Maybe someone that has been there. Done that. However, nothing compares to sitting in your seat and witnessing all that has transpired over the last 2 years.

I’m grateful and humbled to tell you that it’s been the most exciting time in my 25 years of working. The highs. The lows. Nothing can compare to our experience here at The Anti!

Our first year was spent making a name for ourselves. With a name like The Anti, you spend a lot of your time explaining why such a name. The name was brilliant because it forced all of us to articulate not what we do, but why we are doing it. I think the why is so much more interesting than the what.

Our second year was all about capitalizing on what we built in the first year. Being the first ServiceNow partner focused on the employee experience. Boy did we capitalize! Suddenly we found ourselves working with some of the most recognizable brands. Toyota. United Airlines. Freddie Mac. Mayo Clinic. Magellan Health. MIT. Others followed. If an organization really wanted to invest in their employee experience, ServiceNow was their answer...and we were called on to do the work.

So as we embark on year three what is our plan? Clearly, it’s to build on our first two years. When you focus, you get better every day. We know more today than we knew yesterday...and certainly, more than we knew a year ago. We plan to continue to focus on being the employer of choice. A place where you feel part of a team. Growing together. We plan to serve our clients. Well. Our customers have told us we’re doing an exceptional job with a 9.1 average survey score. However, I know we can do better as we want to keep our clients forever. The first project together is just the beginning in my mind.

So Happy Birthday to The Anti. I look forward to what year 3 brings!