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Top 2 New HR Service Delivery Features in ServiceNow’s Orlando Release

Top 2 New HR Service Delivery Features in ServiceNow’s Orlando Release

COE ACL Configuration
The new COE ACL Configuration functionality brings an enormous amount of value to the customer with an easy interface. The crux of the new feature is that you can create a simple record in the COE ACL Configuration table that you can specify the COE and the Services that the ACL should apply to. Once you save the record you can then add Groups to the related list which makes it easy to set up security around the HR platform.

Let’s take for example the scenario where a VP has a Disciplinary Issue created against them. This information is considered confidential and this type of case should only be viewed by the HR Leadership team. To make this viewable by the HR Leadership team only, I can configure the CEO ACL in this manner:

Now when an HR Case is created where the User’s Title field contains VP then the HR Leadership is the only group that can see the record. No more complicated ACLs to develop!!

Lifecycle Events Activity Container

The new Activity Type called Activity Container allows the individual activities are ordered within the Activity Set. Prior to this feature you would have had to create Activity Sets for each activity that you wanted to control the order and set them to Trigger type of Other Activity Sets and then set the Activity set dependencies accordingly. Now in Orlando you can include Activities within the same Activity Set by creating a new Activity container Activity.

Notice that I can now have Software installation based on the fact that they completed their Employee Training activities and we didn’t have to create a new Activity Set to accommodate that ordering!

So those are my top 2 features new to Orlando in the HRSD application. There are many new exciting functions and ServiceNow summarizes them well here: What are you most excited about in the new release?