This Time Last Year…

This Time Last Year…

Shortly before I joined as employee number 4, The Anti had just donned the unique moniker that we proudly represent today. The prospect of being able to break the mold, do things differently - better, really intrigued me and brightened the soul that was greatly in need of some change. I feel grateful that we’re able to follow through on our mantras, because the only way to do things differently is to actually do things, differently (because we can talk about change all we want, right?).

I want to talk about is an example of how we’ve been working to do things differently over here, emphasizing Organizational Change Management (OCM) and Training with our Customers. “How is that any different from other companies?” you may ask, “They offer training too.” Well, OCM isn’t just “training” - it’s the practice (starting early and repeating often) of using communication and marketing tactics, paired with training to make the impact of a Technology implementation a positive experience. Paired with our ability to not only deliver ServiceNow Training but also build custom training material, our OCM offering provides a unique approach to overall customer adoption and satisfaction that unfortunately gets lost in many implementations.

I’ve found that you can build the best solution out there, but if the employees using it don’t know it’s coming, or even worse - how to use it - you’ve failed. We partner with our Customers to think about the end goal: Go live; then work backwards to understand what needs to be said, to whom, and what needs to be done to ensure successful user adoption and awareness.

I was brought on as the Director of Customer Success not because Customers are breaking down our door for this service. OCM is one of those unsung heroes that Customers don’t always know they need. Our goal is to promote and prove the benefits and importance of OCM with our customers so that they have more control over their employees’ positive experience.

After all - it’s one thing to talk about it, another to live it.