THIS is The Anti, Client Partner Edition

THIS is The Anti, Client Partner Edition

In the business world where conformity is often preferred, daring to be different is a revolutionary act. At The Anti, we don't just challenge the status quo; we redefine it.

Why? What are we trying to accomplish? Who are we doing this for? When is the best time to do this?... are questions you will hear in every meeting we conduct. The answer? Because we relentlessly pursue excellence with our teammates and customers and we are deliberate with every decision we make together.

I have the honor of leading the best Client Partner team in the HR Technology business. Our team and the services we provide are unique in the HR Technology services industry because our Client Partners “lock arms” with our customers’ most senior leaders during our first meeting and do not let go until the mission has been accomplished. We are not interested in “one and done” project work where the goal is to “go live.” Together, we create a vision for what lasting success looks like, write the roadmap on how to achieve the vision, and co-champion the engagement execution with our customers’ most senior leaders.

Our company values of Team-First, Humble, Innovative, and Smart aren't just words to our Client Partners; they are the cornerstone of our daily interactions. I want to share what these values truly mean to our Client Partners and how they shape who we are and everything we do.

Team: Empowering Individuality, Celebrating Uniqueness

While traditional teamwork emphasizes unity and conformity, our interpretation of TEAM celebrates individuality and diversity. Our Client Partners believe in the power of collaboration, but not at the expense of sacrificing one's unique voice or perspective.

Being part of the TEAM means embracing and celebrating what makes each of us different. Client Partners empower our team members to express themselves authentically, to bring their whole selves to the table, and to contribute in ways that align with their strengths and passions. By championing individuality within our teams, we foster a culture of creativity, innovation, and inclusivity that sets us apart.

Humble: Embracing Courage, Rejecting False Modesty

In a world that often equates humility with self-effacement, we embrace a different kind of HUMILITY – one that celebrates courage and authenticity. We believe in the power of humility to drive growth and learning, but not at the expense of suppressing our true selves or diminishing our accomplishments.

HUMILITY means recognizing our strengths and accomplishments without the need for false modesty. We proudly celebrate our achievements, accept our mistakes gracefully, actively seek feedback, and approach challenges with curiosity and openness. With every new encounter, we collaborate with our teams to offer and welcome constructive feedback, fostering continuous learning and development. By shunning false modesty and embracing courage, we empower ourselves and one another to break barriers, question conventions, and reshape what we believe is achievable.

Innovative: Embracing Disruption, Fueling Progress

While INNOVATION is often synonymous with progress and advancement, our interpretation of Innovation goes beyond just incremental change. Client Partners believe in the power of disruption – the kind that shakes up industries, challenges conventions, and paves the way for true HR transformation.

INNOVATION isn't just about coming up with new ideas; it's about daring to question the status quo, challenging entrenched processes and cultural norms, and reimagining the future. Our Client Partners encourage our team members to think creatively, to push boundaries, and to embrace uncertainty as an opportunity for growth. By fostering a culture of fearless innovation, we empower ourselves and our customers to pioneer new paths, disrupt old paradigms, and shape a future that's both bold and bright.

Smart: Questioning Conventions, Embracing Uncertainty

While intelligence is often equated with knowledge and expertise, our interpretation of SMART goes beyond just IQ. We believe in the power of critical thinking, strategic foresight, and adaptability – the kind of intelligence that thrives in ambiguity and complexity.

Being smart means more than just being well-informed or highly skilled; it's about embracing uncertainty, challenging conventions, and adapting to change with agility and resilience. We encourage our team members to question assumptions, explore alternative perspectives, and seek out new opportunities for driving customer value. By embracing complexity and uncertainty as inherent parts of our journey, we empower ourselves, our team mates, and our customers to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of business with confidence and clarity, fostering our role as trusted advisors for our customers.

At The Anti, our Team-First, Humble, Innovative, and Smart values are not “just another North Star;” together they are a manifesto for revolutionizing our customers’ experiences and relationships with The Anti. By celebrating individuality, embracing courage, fueling disruption, and navigating complexity with intelligence and grace, we empower ourselves and our partners to thrive in a world that's constantly changing.

Together, our Client Partners are not just redefining the rules; we're rewriting the consulting playbook for a future that's as bold and innovative as we are.

About The Anti: In 2017, we realized traditional HR technology consulting desperately needed an overhaul. So, we flipped the script on consulting culture.

  • We grew a team with expertise in real world HR process design and technology implementation

  • We aggregated and refined the best practices we’d already proven elsewhere

  • We rejected traditional friction points and changed consulting culture for the better

It caught on, and we have since delivered 350+ ServiceNow HRSD engagements as the only elite ServiceNow Partner committed to the employee experience workflow products. The Anti brings a unique blend of HR Consulting experience, HR Technology backgrounds, and HR Practitioner expertise to every engagement.

Types of engagements and how we can help

We offer a comprehensive range of assistance that encompasses five key types of engagement:

  • Implementation Readiness Assessments

  • User & Experience Design

  • Initial Implementations (Phase 1)

  • Follow-on Deployments (Phase 2+)

  • Advisory and Managed Services

Our mission is to meet you where you are in your ServiceNow journey to ensure your project is a success. Whether you require help with the initial setup or need guidance on optimizing your deployment, we are here to help every step of the way. With our expertise and commitment to excellence, you can be sure you are in safe hands.

For more information or to schedule a call with our team, drop a note to!