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Thanksgiving 2020…GRATEFUL

Thanksgiving 2020…GRATEFUL

What a year it’s been! I’m still digesting everything, and I will certainly write a year in review in a month or so. However, I can say now…I’m grateful. How can I say that? In a year where everyone had high hopes for 2020, and come March the wheels began to wobble, I sit here grateful. Grateful for:

In a year where many had to let go employees, we are going to grow our Ant population by 50%. We continued to build out our west coast operation, and mature both our sales and delivery teams.

In a year where many had to learn to work from home, our workplace was able to operate business as (almost usual). This is how we worked before the pandemic. So the change wasn’t dramatic for us. It certainly wasn’t without its challenges. We had new people working from home with us. Our children! We acted quickly and put together Ant U. A “university” designed to teach our kids something...while giving our Ants a break.

In a year where staying flat was the new growth, it appears we are going to have double-digit growth. We did that even with losing 3 of our marquee customers due to the pandemic. Organizations like the American Red Cross, Pepsi, Mayo Clinic, Advance Auto Parts, TEGNA, and Avangrid all found a need for us. How’s that for problem solving across all industries?

In a year where COVID threatened the health of my family, we stayed healthy! The most important thing of all. I have often heard, if you don’t have your have nothing. Never has a year instilled more fear in all of us, and for those that have dodged that bullet...gratefulness.