Strengthen your Employer Brand by Delivering an Exceptional Employee Journey

Strengthen your Employer Brand by Delivering an Exceptional Employee Journey

You've spent weeks or even months finding and selecting the right candidate for a role. Your hard work and effort has paid off and they've accepted their offer. The hiring manager is ecstatic and the pre-hire is full of excitement and motivation. Workers in this climate have high expectations and will settle for nothing less - they don’t have to. So, what happens next is critical. Inspire employee engagement and increase organizational productivity through the power of ServiceNow Enterprise HR Service Delivery.

  1. Meet expectations by delivering an easy and personalized digital experience through a branded portal where pre-hires can login and electronically complete all of their onboarding tasks and access personalized, relevant content that's proven to reduce abandonment rates and drive employee engagement. Seamless cross-departmental (HR, IT, Facilities, etc.) tasks within the workflow enable consistency between departments to ensure day one readiness and a frictionless experience for pre-hires.

  2. Enable organizational scalability and improve HR productivity and agility by automating routine tasks. Predictive intelligence frees your agents from manual tasks and communications, enabling them to focus on more critical workplace needs. Creating simplified, automated workflows allows your agents to resolve issues faster and provide employees with an optimal HR experience.

  3. Ensure compliance with paperless document management by enabling electronic delivery, e-signature, e-filing, automatic purges based on retention rules, and legal holds through ServiceNow’s Electronic Document Management feature. Empower your new hires to clearly understand what is expected on day one and beyond, while providing opportunities for them to connect through forums with buddies and/or other new hires with similar interests.

On day one, your new employee logs into the Employee Center where they see new announcements that keep them engaged and informed by providing access to broader content, links to other systems like Workday, and, as a unified, multi-departmental portal, they can easily request the services they need, regardless of the functions fulfilling them. Carry onboarding through a defined period of time such as 30, 60, or 90 days to ensure your new hire feels welcomed, valued, and enabled to learn and be productive.

The employee journey continues through employee transitions

  1. Simplify your HR processes by building systematically coordinated events in ServiceNow that enable your agents to work more efficiently and improve employee retention by delivering exceptional experiences during other key moments that matter such as job changes, promotions, leaves of absence, or international assignments. From initiation, everything in between, to completion - enable greater internal visibility to your end-to-end HR processes and invigorate the employee experience by connecting the pieces in a centralized location ensuring smooth changeovers.

  2. Equip your employees with a central hub where they can come to complete all of their HR tasks, find information on all of their workplace needs, and stay connected and up-to-date on relevant information - especially now that distributed workforces are becoming the norm.

  3. Strengthen your employer brand by unofficially creating brand ambassadors because, as part of their overall employee journey, their offboarding experience was just as extraordinary as other significant stages during their time with your organization. These alumni continue to speak highly of their time with you and refer other high-potential candidates, or they become re-hires themselves. Speaking of…ServiceNow offers the Alumni Center as a portal to maintain relationships with former employees that left your company in good standing. Enable your alumni to continue connecting through communities, access systems for paychecks and tax documentation, access self-service content such as COBRA benefits, have visibility to company news and announcements, and access job listings. After all, rehiring former employees can energize morale, increase productivity and drive down training and hiring costs.

Exceptional employee experience. ✓

Defined and consistent end-to-end processes. ✓

Increased productivity. ✓

Greater overall visibility, enabling data-driven continuous process improvements. ✓

Ensure compliance by electronically collecting and storing employee documents through a centralized system. ✓

Gain competitive talent advantage. ✓

A bit about Jen:

Jen has over 10+ years of experience in HR process excellence, continuous process improvement, and executing successful HR process and program implementations that are designed around the user experience.

As a people-centric design leader, Jen focuses on enabling exceptional experiences for all employees and activating greater process visibility through a centralized platform so leaders can use relevant data to drive decisions on continuous process improvements.

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