[Webinar] Qurate Your Success: Mastering HR Service Delivery with ServiceNow + Workday Synchronizing the Two Platforms for Seamless HR Operations

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ServiceNow Knowledge18 - What a Week!

ServiceNow Knowledge18 - What a Week!

Wow! What a week!! It kicked off with our training group leading packed classes of ServiceNow customers wanting to know more about what this robust platform will do. It’s so amazing to work alongside such a group of SMART professionals.

We then rolled into our Tuesday night party that we co-hosted with our awesome partner LeapGen. Yet another packed house of HR people wanting to hang out with fellow HR people. It was a perfect combination of ServiceNow, LeapGen, clients, prospective clients, and The Anti. When I stood on stage to address this amazing crowd it hit me. A year ago all of this did not exist. Truly a HUMBLING moment.

All organizations, in order to survive, are going to have to INNOVATE quickly. Most are focusing on changing the way they interact with their customers. Amazon has changed the expected customer experience forever. The other area they must focus on is providing tools to their employees that allow them to do the job that they were hired to do...and reduce the friction to get it done. For the first time ever, our employees have a more high tech piece of equipment in their pocket or purse then what is sitting on their desk.

The bar has been raised and those organizations that inject technology that improves both their workforce and customer experience will be the thrivers/survivors. ServiceNow is doing some amazing things in these two areas, and we are pulling a chair alongside to TEAM with them.

I am beyond excited to lead the charge at The Anti. Providing smart yet humble professionals that are ready to team with you on your path to continuous innovation. Let’s go!!!