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People Get Ready!

People Get Ready!

They used one of the big guys at first and then realized they needed a partner that was a bit more nimble. To get stuff done. Now. We were there to deliver. Our roster of clients is quickly shaping up to be a list of who’s who. I’m sure our competitors are starting to wonder WHO we are.

Another reason I feel this growing wave is that this week will present a first for us: we were invited to be at two significant events at the same time. Atlanta and Denver. Wow. The market for what we do is truly accelerating, which is very exciting for all in our industry. Two years ago we bet that the market was ready to truly invest in improving their workforce experience; we also bet that ServiceNow would be an integral part of that initiative. Both are proving to be the right bets.

What does this mean for you? It could mean that your employer is about to make your workday a whole lot easier by removing some of the friction that can get in the way of you doing what you were hired to do. It could also mean that we are actively looking for new talent to be part of this wave and maybe that is you. If the former, good for you. If the latter, send me a note.