New Partnership Announcement: The Anti and Servos

New Partnership Announcement: The Anti and Servos

Studies show 68% of IT projects fail. There is certainly not one reason that happens. However, I believe if you can shrink that number we are talking lots of dollars in savings...and a whole lot less frustration.

I believe that one of the key reasons IT projects fail is because there are too many “jack of all trades” people working on projects. Generalists. They know a little about a lot, versus a lot about a little.

I will use an analogy to drive the importance of this. If you are just looking for an overall check-up you go to your primary care physician (generalists) for a physical. If a serious problem is found, say a heart problem, you go to a cardiologist (specialist).

The Anti and Servos were both built to tackle specific problems. The Anti’s mission in life is to handle HR-related problems. Delivering HR in a modern way, which is critically important these days with a suddenly remote workforce. Servos was built to provide great experiences for customers taking a human-first approach through better interfaces and digital workflows... consumer grade. Is there anything more important than your employees and customers?

I’m very excited to announce this partnership. One-stop shop for your two most important stakeholders...your talent and your customers.

About The Anti

The Anti is a Premier ServiceNow HR delivery partner all about the EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE. Our deep technical roots in ServiceNow, combined with our HR domain expertise make us the perfect partner. Roadmaps. Deployments. Ongoing support. We do it all!

About Servos

Servos is a Premier ServiceNow CSM delivery partner that focuses purely on customer service. We help our clients provide great experiences for their customers by co-creating human-first solutions on ServiceNow.