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My Journey to The Anti

My Journey to The Anti

How many times have you worked somewhere and thought, "this is exactly where I should be at this exact moment?". My first job out of college was with one of the early leaders in the enterprise content management space during the frothy days of the dot-com boom and I knew, at that moment, I was at the right place. The company was wildly successful, and not just because this was during the internet bubble. Every department and team was pulling in the same direction to achieve the goals that had been clearly outlined by our leadership. The company knew exactly what it was, what it wanted to do, and ultimately, how to get where it intended to go. Naively, I assumed this was the norm and later realized just how special that experience was.

Several years ago, a good friend of mine, who was also my client, was telling me how impressed he was with the ServiceNow platform and mentioned that it would only be a matter of time before he would be sunsetting the products I had sold him with ServiceNow HR Enterprise. I hadn't seen this coming and was in shock that he'd be scrapping the onboarding platform that he had successfully utilized globally for many years. Lightbulbs started to go off as he explained the power of a single, enterprise platform that included HR case & knowledge, virtual agent, onboarding, and employee transitions.

Earlier this year, one of the best managers I had the pleasure of working under and alongside let me know that he was going to work for a company that was working on something special. I was intrigued because this was someone that I respected, both as a salesperson and as a manager. When he mentioned that it was a boutique consulting company that focused solely on the employee experience on the ServiceNow platform, my intrigue became genuine interest. When he told me that the company was called The Anti, I had to ask about the name. When he shared the mission of The Anti, why it came to be, and where it wanted to go I began to get excited. Then he introduced me to the leadership team and over the course of several months, we spent quite a bit of time getting to know one another.

More than one person commented that my entire demeanor changed when I told them about The Anti during those months. This included friends, family, former colleagues, mentors, etc., who noticed that I became more passionate and that my excitement was contagious. The company knew exactly what it wanted to be - nimble and easy to work with. It had defined exactly what it wanted to do - laser focused on delivering just ServiceNow employee workflow projects. And finally, it knew precisely where it wanted to go. The decision to join the team was an easy one, especially after we had both invested the time in getting to know one another so well.

After my first week, my partner asked me, "how was your first week of work?". Without giving it a thought, I replied, "Everyone is rowing in the same direction at the same time - this is exactly where I'm supposed to be."