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Modernizing the Employee Experience during Onboarding

Modernizing the Employee Experience during Onboarding

According to a new survey from Jobvite (page 16), almost 30% of job seekers have left a job within the first 90 days of starting…

  • 43% cite that their day-to-day role wasn’t what they expected
  • 34% report that an incident or bad experience drove them away
  • and 32% didn’t like the company culture

Your most talented employees get to choose where they work and when they choose you, they expect to be onboarded in an efficient and effective manner. They want to have all of their required paperwork delivered to them in a digital manner and neatly organized so they can complete it efficiently. They want to have their workspace, laptops, and user accounts ready for them to use on day 1 so that they can show you why you choose them. And last but not least, they want to get to know your company through watching videos and reading blogs from your most senior leaders and their peers.

We have organized 25 years of recruiting and onboarding experience into 3 pillars that describe a modern onboarding experience…

  1. Forms Management
  2. Provisioning and Personalization
  3. and Engagement

Each of these pillars are critical to the overall engagement and retention of your new hires and focusing your onboarding solutions on these pillars will drive consistency, engagement. and retention throughout your onboarding process.

Forms Management

  • Overview: This is the basic blocking & tackling of onboarding; most recruiting (ATS) solutions can manage this functionality sufficiently.
  • Use Case: Ability for employees to fill out employment documents/forms online and sign them electronically.
  • Examples: Offer letters, Policy Acknowledgements, Direct Deposit forms, I9, W4, relevant State tax forms, etc.
  • Best practice: eForms are part of the pre-boarding process done typically before day -one and via mobile application. Make it easy for new hires!
  • Benefits:
    • Makes new hires more productive faster by having their administrative tasks done before day 1.
    • Also drives efficiency for HR onboarding teams.

Provisioning & Personalization

  • Overview: Digitize the provisioning and content management process across the entire organization, not just HR. Nobody does this better than ServiceNow HRSD.
  • Use Case: Ability for employees to receive personalized onboarding content tied to department, location and position. Extend onboarding event processes that start in HR to IT, HR, Facilities, Security, etc. for provisioning and readiness tasks.
  • Examples: Information about the new hires roles and tasks to be completed are automatically delivered to the new hire at specific times throughout the onboarding process. Also, hardware and account provisioning, ordering business cards, and creating security badges are examples of what can and should be automated.
  • Best practice: Leverage an onboarding tool (ie ServiceNow Onboarding) to organize tasks (both automated and manual) to create a well orchestrated onboarding experience.
  • Benefits:
    • Unlocks enterprise-wide productivity across HR, IT, and other departments.
    • Drives consistency, visibility, and compliance at scale across the organization.


  • Overview: Leverage your company's branding to drive employee engagement through a personalized portal and “Amazon” like user experience.
  • Use Case: Ability for the new hire to get acclimated to the company, culture, training and seamlessly connected with other departments, key stakeholders and mentors to ensure employee satisfaction.
  • Examples: Buddy programs are a great way to connect new hires with mentors to ensure they are engaged and have support beyond day one. Triggered tasks that happen throughout the process allow you to capture new hire surveys, serve up continued learning, performance feedback and more.
  • Best practice: Leverage the NOW platform to connect (ie communities and forums), train and engage new hires. User mobile onboarding applications to ensure new hires have a positive experience and are engaged before day one. Knowledge bases, virtual chat bots and mobile apps. create quick and easy ways for new hires to access and get questions answered quickly and efficiently.
  • Benefits:
    • Increase employee engagement by empowering easy access to content and knowledge on any device.

The Aberdeen Group reported that 66 percent of companies with onboarding programs claimed a higher rate of successful assimilation of new hires into company culture, 62 percent had higher time-to-productivity ratios, and 54 percent reported higher employee engagement. Referenced here:

If you’re considering revamping and/or modernizing your ServiceNow onboarding process these pillars are a great framework to consider. The functionality within the ServiceNow Enterprise Onboarding & Transitions application is cutting edge and coupled with the NOW Enterprise-Wide platform it provides the visibility to drive employee engagement.

At The Anti, we have over 25+ years experience helping companies large & small streamline their onboarding and life cycle events. Whether it is blue printing, Phase 1 projects and/or continuous development we have the combined HR & ServiceNow expertise to help you create Moments that Matter!