Manhattan Beach, CA, USA, April 01, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Leapgen, a global digital transformation company shaping the Now of Work, today announces the Now of Work Digital Movement. Resources include a 24/7 global online community powered by Slack; LeapNow, an online platform powered by Leapgen and ServiceNow in creative partnership with The Anti to provide resources and immediate access to industry experts to answer questions and provide help; digital media providing real-time coaching and guidance on topics affecting people, business, and work; and a newly launched podcast.


The global pandemic announced by the World Health Organization on March 11 changed the world of work overnight. Quickly realizing this was not to be a stopgap emergency response or temporary business continuity issue, enterprises who had struggled to achieve sustained, meaningful digital transformation felt sudden and intense pressure to support remote work, virtual tools, and full digital workplace enablement. Digitization of work was induced overnight, all while employers scrambled to keep the workforce safe and accounted for; technologically and environmentally equipped to perform work, and tending to employee safety, health and support needs. The workplace and workforce reeled while HR navigated workforce capacity balancing issues; while redeploying, furloughing, or reducing workers or while attempting to continue to hire and onboard necessary talent with new, remote processes; and while creating and revising policies, programs, and emergency communication plans. Workers in the millions sought answers, help, leadership, and communication from HR Service Centers that didn’t exist or were woefully understaffed and ill-prepared. World crisis introduced a work crisis.


Responding to an immediate need for triage and support, Leapgen has unveiled LeapNow, a help desk built on the ServiceNow platform in creative partnership with The Anti. LeapNow features a robust knowledge base, Ask-an-Expert digital coaching staffed by Leapgen’s deep bench of industry analysts and workforce management consultants, and a global online community with 24/7 access to industry peers and thought leaders. Leapgen formed a strategic partnership with Slack to support and scale the NOW of Work community; in just weeks, it’s already the world’s largest online community of HR, technology, and business professionals solving new problems in real time around the globe.

Leapgen’s CEO and Co-founder, Jason Averbook, explains the urgent need to learn, understand, and shift our mindset around the new Now of Work. “Opportunities to redefine work happen maybe a few times in a lifetime. We are living in one of those moments right now, and it is our job - the collective HR, HR Technology and Digital HR community - to not only survive, but to reinvent ourselves and our initiatives. This is an opportunity to make sure the new Now of Work is remembered as the day HR changed forever, not as a moment in time where we go back to the work models of old. At Leapgen, our job is to provide the world tools to enable this new Now of Work, and the LeapNow platform brings that vision to life.”

Wayne Chattaway is Founder and CEO of The Anti, a premier ServiceNow partner providing creative collaboration on LeapNow to help serve the HR community in the same way HR supports their workforces. "I have spent my entire career working with HR leaders across the world, and they have been very good to me. This is the least I can do in return. LeapNow and the NOW of Work Community connects all of these leaders so they can make better decisions faster, and so they can alleviate some of the anxiety of the workforce during all this uncertainty."


To reshape HR and workforce experience and provide immediate new guideposts for navigating the Now of Work, Leapgen has unleashed its deep bench of industry-leading analysts and workforce management consultants to provide digital media and CONTENT in LeapNow’s extensive knowledge base, to respond to any-time inquires, big or small, through an online COACHING tool, and to provide 24/7 online chat and support to a global COMMUNITY. Just as HR is called to design solutions and show care for people first, the NOW of Work community and LeapNow platform is designed to CARE for HR.

“There’s this urgent need to know your workforce better than ever before, to blueprint the organization in real time. Once organizations find new, virtual ways to plug in their workforce, they need to connect people to each other and to their work again,” says Jess Von Bank, Head of Marketing for Leapgen and NOW of Work Community Organizer. “Before a pandemic forced our hands, HR already had a tough job figuring out how to be experience designers, technology architects, and data storytellers to the business. The bad news is, we just started over. The good news is, we just started over. The NOW of Work Community was created to help with that.”

Leapgen also announces the NOW of Work Podcast, available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and everywhere else listeners get their podcasts. Thought-provoking interviews are also provided through a Daily Digital Dose Youtube playlist; subscribe here.


Leapgen was founded in 2017 with a bold mission to shape the future of work. Rich in thought leadership, from a deep bench of industry DNA, Leapgen was founded on the values of Love, Energy, Audacity and Proof and remains the only global digital transformation company with a holistic approach to mindset, people, process and technology in designing and delivering modern, frictionless workforce experiences for midsized and large enterprises. Already unique in their application of human-centered design thinking and change management methodology, Leapgen stands alone by meeting customers where they are, either in traditional consulting engagements or in their subscription-based, on-demand coaching model called LeapNow.

The second consultancy of Chief Executive Officer Jason Averbook and co-founded by Mike Brennan, Leapgen provides a range of services to develop an enterprise’s digital HR strategy in support of workforce and HR technology, design frictionless digital workforce experiences, transform HR service delivery, and create antifragile Human Capital Management technology foundations to support meaningful people analytics. Leapgen focuses with equal passion on its vendor strategy, intended to move both enterprises and solution providers toward the future of work on a harmonious track.


Leapgen is a global digital transformation company shaping the Now of Work. Highly respected as a visionary partner to organizations looking to design and deliver a digital workforce experience that will produce valued outcomes, Leapgen helps enterprise leaders rethink how to better design and deliver workforce services and architect HR technology solutions that meet the expectations of workers and the needs of the business. Contact us to get started.

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