HR Tech, ServiceNow, and The Anti

HR Tech, ServiceNow, and The Anti

HR Tech is just around the corner and while I am always interested to learn about new and updated HR technologies, what I am most excited about this year is that I have the opportunity to attend HR Tech as a new team member of The Anti with my fellow Ants.

There are many reasons for me to be excited about joining The Anti, but today, I would like to focus on the big two… 1) the team at The Anti is the best in the industry. Their skills, capabilities and the culture of this company cannot be matched. However, what truly sets this team apart is how helpful and authentic each and everyone at The Anti is. Being surrounded by genuinely great people is what makes the journey so much more rewarding. 2) consulting teams in the ServiceNow ecosystem have an opportunity to be an integral part of the digital transformation happening in HR and will continue for many years to come.

HR Digital transformation means a lot of different things to different people. Deloitte’s Human Capital Trends Report describes HR’s Digital transformation as being,

'about HR teams taking up the dual challenge of transforming HR operations on the one hand and transforming the workforce and the way work is done on the other.’

ServiceNow coupled with system integrator firms like The Anti is very well positioned to help HR meet their digital transformation goals by providing solutions to problems that traditional ERP and point HR solutions by themselves simply can not offer.

The evolution of HR Service delivery has been well supported by HCM software companies by providing HR Technology that is less complicated solutions to implement and maintain. They have even provided HR some independence from IT due to the reduced complexity. But what they have failed to provide is a bridge between HR systems of record and HR transactional systems to how HR serves its workforce. For example, most HR teams have somewhere between 5 and 15 HR technologies that they use to support their workforce. It is rare that a transaction starts and finishes in one of these systems. More times than not, the transactions span multiple systems through integrations or manual “step out” processes. How are these transactions being orchestrated to make sure they are completed and completed correctly? And how are we making sure that employees are being communicated with on cases that matter most to them? ServiceNow has built the bridge that will allow HR to orchestrate processes and solve for the tricky bits found in HR Service delivery that traditional ERP and point HR solutions can not and The Anti gets to work with customers to make it happen.

I hope to see you and your teammates in Las Vegas at HR Tech September 11- 14. Don’t forget to stop by the ServiceNow booth and listen to ServiceNow and The Anti’s industry experts talk about HR Digital Transformation.

Wednesday 9/12 at 2:30 PM: "Workday and ServiceNow: Better Together"

Thursday 9/13 at 11:30 AM: "Workday and ServiceNow: Better Together"