My faith. Although highly personal and private, my faith gives me the power to do everything that I’m grateful for that follows.

My health (physical and mental). I had the flu last week so completely understand what it’s like to not have my health. Many of us take health for granted...a common mistake people make until they don’t have their health. I choose to be grateful now for my health.

My Family. My wife and four children’s belief in me has always been the accelerant I’ve needed to achieve the impossible. Helping me navigate the highs and lows.

My Employees. What we set out at The Anti had not been done...and we are doing it. Having the belief that we can have a different place to work. Accept everyone for their unique talents.

My Clients. Someone has to pay for our employees. Our client’s confidence in our team truly puts the food on my employee’s tables. So grateful that despite all of the choices on who to partner with, they choose us.

ServiceNow. We wouldn’t be here without you. Your vision to truly make the workplace a better place to be fit right with our mission to improve the workplace for all. I look forward to your many innovations as we rewrite the Workplace of the 2020s together.