Five Months to 2020…are you ready? 

Five Months to 2020…are you ready? 

I’ve been in the HR technology space for a long time. 25 years if you were wondering. Along the way, there have been natural dates that we looked into the future and aspired to do great things by then. Y2K was the first one. That one was more about everything not blowing up suddenly. Which nothing did. The next one that came along was 2020. Lots of vendors talked about getting ready for the Workplace in 2020. Will you be ready? The millennials are coming. We have to get better. They won’t put up with this.

Well, guess what? We are on the eve of 2020. In fact, we are only 5 months away. Is it too late to do something? The answer is, absolutely NO! The beauty of the space that The Anti sits in is no matter what you have going on behind the scenes, ServiceNow has a solution to help mask it. Creating the “Amazon-experience” for your workforce.

What is my PTO policy?

I got married, I’ve got to change a bunch of stuff.

Just had a baby. What do I do to get them insured?

All can be handled in one spot. Magic! All of that in minutes instead of hours or days...and no human interaction...which seems to be a millennial requirement.

Back to the is it too late? The answer is NO...but you don’t have a lot of time. We have approaches that if you are ready to act pretty quickly, we can have something in place for you in January. It’s called the MVP approach. Get something in there that immediately improves the experience, and then improves over time. We can have your back in 2020 too!

Let’s do this together. Let’s get you ready for 2020. Drop me a note and let’s get the conversation going!