[Webinar] Qurate Your Success: Mastering HR Service Delivery with ServiceNow + Workday Synchronizing the Two Platforms for Seamless HR Operations

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Everything is coming together…right now!

Everything is coming together…right now!

Wow! What a week!! Knowledge19, ServiceNow’s amazing user conference, did not disappoint. It kicked off like it did last year with our training group leading packed classes of ServiceNow customers wanting to know more about what this robust platform will do. It blows my mind the incredibly smart people that have joined The Anti on this journey.

We then rolled into our Tuesday night party that we co-hosted with our awesome partner Leapgen. We had a packed house of people that came to Knowledge 19 exclusively to improve their employee’s experience. It was a perfect combination of ServiceNow, LeapGen, clients, prospective clients, and The Anti. When I stood on stage to address this amazing crowd it hit me. A year ago we were an aspiration. Certainly, we had a few clients...but nothing like we have now.

Two years have passed since we started putting The Anti together. We bet that the market was ready to truly improve their employee’s experience. Improve their work day. We also bet that ServiceNow was the solution that the market was going to choose. It’s become apparent that we bet right.

United Airlines took the stage with the CEO of ServiceNow. Guess what it was about? How ServiceNow is improving their employee experience. Not only did the CEO of ServiceNow decide to take the stage with a client. He decided to take the stage with a client on ServiceNow’s employee workflow platform. One that uses us to do the work! What a moment!

I met a lot of great people last week. I told our story over and over again. We are ServiceNow first. We are employee experience first. Our culture is second to none. Why not give us a try? Some recognizable brands certainly have. Are you ready?