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Beginner’s Guide to Decoding Tech Terminology in the HR Industry

Beginner’s Guide to Decoding Tech Terminology in the HR Industry

One of the things I love most about working at The Anti is the vast variety of experience we bring to everything we do. Our project teams are these powerhouses of knowledge that make us the perfect partner on your HR Service Delivery journey. Not only do we have incredibly gifted technical consultants, but our business process consultants are HR professionals to their core. As a project manager, it is so inspiring to watch these two groups work together. Because of this dynamic mix, we are able to truly connect with your HR team, speak your language, and dig deep into how ServiceNow can improve your employee experience.

How exciting! You’ve been selected to help your organization through this project. When a project begins, we lead with a kickoff call. From there, the project takes off and we hit the ground running. For HR professionals, this may be your inaugural experience in a technology project. To that I say- welcome! It’s going to be fun.

Following the kickoff, our design workshops start, workbooks are passed out, stories are being written. You’re seeing all of these new phrases and terminology as they come across your screen. Jumping into this world can feel like a daunting task with new vernacular being used daily and it can be a lot to digest. I know this because I was in your shoes. Stepping into this role, the phrases like “unit testing” and “acceptance criteria” were a mystery to me. Google soon became my best friend and my search history was filled with things like this. How could I keep track of all of these terms? Should I resort to flashcards?

That’s why I’ve created this e-book, to serve as a guide for you to refer back to throughout your first ServiceNow project. Inside you will find some of the most important words, phrases, and acronyms you are likely to encounter on your HRSD journey. If you are an HR professional gearing up for your journey with us, I encourage you to take a look. Of course, we are always here to help you along the way- no flashcards needed.

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About the Author: Allison is a relative newcomer to the technical world and joined The Anti in 2022 with the goal of bringing a fresh perspective to the PM role. She has made it her mission to learn from the most talented team in the HRSD space and has since gained her CSA and CIS-HR certifications. While not at work, she enjoys spending time outside with her friends and family and going to the gym.

About The Anti: In 2017, we realized traditional HR technology consulting desperately needed an overhaul. So, we flipped the script on consulting culture.

  • We grew a team with expertise in real world HR process design and technology implementation

  • We aggregated and refined the best practices we’d already proven elsewhere

  • We rejected traditional friction points and changed consulting culture for the better

It caught on, and we have since delivered 250+ ServiceNow HRSD engagements as the only elite ServiceNow Partner committed to the employee experience workflow products. The Anti brings a unique blend of HR Consulting experience, HR Technology backgrounds, and HR Practitioner expertise to every engagement.

For more information or to schedule a call with our team, drop a note to aloha@theanti.com!