5 Principles for Successfully Implementing ServiceNow HR Service Delivery

5 Principles for Successfully Implementing ServiceNow HR Service Delivery

First, I’d like to signify what the word “principles” means to us in the context of technology implementations. Principles are fundamental truths or propositions that serve as a foundation for a chain of reasoning.

With that in mind, we have developed a list of “truths” that provide us with the knowledge of how to deliver successful results that provide value to and support our customers’ businesses. This list of truths is derived from both customer and internal feedback that has been collected during hundreds of project retrospectives. After each implementation, we pause to ensure that we understand how success has been achieved for us and our customer, as well as what led to any outcomes where we felt recalibration was needed. What we have found is that every project in which the right outcome was not produced has evaded one of our principles.

This list of principles is best used in the beginning stages of a project when a business case is being developed or the implementation vendor selection process has begun. These principles can be used by leaders to validate their project approach to ensure they are setting their teams up for success or to refocus project teams when a project veers off course. We can all but guarantee that if a project is not going well, this list will help leaders identify how to correct its trajectory.

The taxonomy we use to group these principles is:

  • Pre-Project Preparation
  • Solution
  • Team
  • Process and Tools
  • Product and Process Training

View the full list of ServiceNow HRSD Implementation Principles here.