PRESS RELEASE: The Anti and Intact Technology Announce HR Modernization Solution for U.S. Federal Agencies to Transform the Employee Experience

Exciting news as we join forces with Intact Technology to unveil a groundbreaking HR Modernization Solution for U.S. Federal Agencies! The HRSD Federal Center of Excellence, powered by ServiceNow, is crafted to bring streamlined processes, enhanced visibility, and an unparalleled employee experience directly to YOU.

Explore how this collaboration is set to redefine HR for your agency!
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We combine top-tier ServiceNow HRSD and platform governance expertise to revolutionize HR systems for government agencies and institutions. Our tailored approach delivers unparalleled modernization to meet the unique needs of each agency spanning across the federal, state, and local domains.

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California State Agency: Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD)

The California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) is one of many California state agencies seeking out digitized, automated, and more efficient processes for its HR operations. HCD and The Anti set out to implement:

  • Employee Center Pro Portal
  • Automated telework forms
  • Reporting

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California State Agency: Department of Public Health

Before the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) can begin recruiting employees, a critical RPA process needs to take place: approving the position, ensuring that it is budgeted and categorized, and finally, confirming that it is funded. CDPH and The Anti implemented:

  • Position Management
  • HR Agent Workspace
  • Distinct RPA processes

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