The only Premier ServiceNow® partner laser focused on HR Service Delivery.

Our deep expertise in key ServiceNow® HR Service Delivery applications will help you scale an exceptional experience across every stop in the employee journey:

Case & Knowledge Management

Make it easy for employees to get what they need. Make HR teams more efficient than ever before.

Employee Service Center

Deliver a consumer grade experience with a single place employees can do anything and everything related to HR.

Enterprise Onboarding & Transitions

Streamline onboarding, offboarding, relocation and other processes even when they cross over HR’s threshold into IT, Finance and more.

IT Service Management

Optimize efficiency, boost productivity and improve IT service delivery experience through AI powered automation and digital workflows.

The Anti Continuous Development Center

Augment your staff with our team of ServiceNow experts to assist you in your journey to improve that employee experience.

Case & Knowledge Management

Been there, answered this! We’ll help you streamline how employees interact with your HR team by standardizing documents and automatically routing employee questions to exactly the right place. After that, we’ll help you improve and optimize your HR resources by understanding your service volume and team workloads.

High Level Benefits

Plan - We’ll work tirelessly to understand your pain points. Where are you still navigating manual, paper-based processes? How will we simplify processes and make information easier to find?

Execute - We know HR. We’ll tailor ServiceNow to ensure the right users see everything they need to - and nothing they don’t.

Innovate - If work is constantly changing, so is the experience. We’ll help you continually iterate the experience and optimize ServiceNow investment.

Train - We’ll give your teams the boost they need to understand and master case and knowledge management on a consumer-grade level.

Kettering Health: Avoiding ‘Answer Shopping’ with Practical Support

With disparate ticketing systems, users were left with more than one answer when they needed HR support.

A single system of action allows users to track cases and search for knowledge, all within Employee Service Center.

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Employee Service Center

CX meet EX. We know your employees need a consumer grade experience at work, because that’s what they expect from now on. We’ll help you create a simple portal where your employees can effortlessly engage with HR, see the status of their inquiries, and use self-service to get answers instantly.

Plan - We’ll map out the solution to “answer shopping” by developing practical HR support that brings all the answers into one convenient place.

Execute - We’ll adapt ServiceNow to work for a variety of users based on their specific roles within your organization.

Innovate - We’ll help you build on your momentum and continue to scale what HR can deliver through the Employee Service Center.

Train - We’ll teach your team how to optimize the employee service center they’ve built and stay ahead of what’s next in consumer expectations.

Freddie Mac: Making Engagement with HR Easier

Employees had difficulty submitting HR cases and finding resolution with their issues.

Creation of simple, easy to use interface for employees for effortless HR engagement.

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Enterprise OnBoarding & Transitions

Hello first awesome day. Nothing lays the groundwork for success (or failure) quite like the first 90 days on a new team. Provide new hires and transitioning team members with a seamless experience, along with a simplified way of working together.

Plan - We’re good with teams. We can help your HR team design seamless transitions for new hires and existing team members to hit the ground running.

Execute - We’ll help you to iron out the details of your deployment and find the best path to help you successfully roll out ServiceNow

Innovate - Replace first-day paper frustration with self guided onboarding.

Train - We’ll teach you how to maintain a better user experience consistently.

Endurance: A Seamless HR Experience Across the Globe

Endurance wanted to provide international teams with a consistent HR experience.

Standardized processes and automation ensure users have a uniform experience, no matter their location.

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IT Service Management

Don’t hesitate, let’s automate! We’ll help your team optimize efficiency, boost productivity and improve their IT service delivery experience through AI powered automation and digital workflows. With the Anti + ServiceNow,  your IT department will perform better, respond faster and drive more value.

Plan - We’ll help you quickly identify where ServiceNow can create immediate efficiency for your IT team and where digital workflows can improve the experience they deliver to employees.

Execute - Once we identify the plan, we’ll bring IT best practices to the table with clear roadmaps on how to get from where you are today to where you need to be as soon as possible.

Innovate - As technology platforms and security threats evolve, the challenges for your IT team will continually change. We’ll help visualize performance and stay ahead of what’s next by analyzing data and continually iterating on the value your team gets from ServiceNow.

Train - We’ll give your teams the simple, consumable training they need to hit the ground running with ITSM applications from ServiceNow.

Jabil: ITSM Managed Services

After engaging with Jabil on a health check of their ITSM module, The Anti identified and prioritized areas of the platform where enhancements could be made to bring value to Jabil’s team.

The Anti delivered experiential and platform improvements to Jabil by simplifying processes, returning to delivered functionality, and enabling timely and effective features.

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