Why I Joined The Anti

When I was asked to write a blog on "Why I joined the Anti" I was happy to do so, but for some reason, I struggled with getting my thoughts on paper. While I knew in my head, heart, and gut why I joined, my words seemed disjointed and didn’t express my true thoughts. It came across as if I was trying too hard to cover typical reasons. The result sounded like a recruiting blog - very salesy. I shelved it for a couple of days and then visited my favorite Starbucks and just wrote.

September 17, 2021

Below is Why I joined the Anti….

15 years ago, I worked for a small applicant tracking software, Recruitmax/Vurv Technologies.  Our tagline was “It’s all about the people”. The meaning was two-fold. Externally, the message to our customers was our product was easy to use and their candidates would have a great experience with the organization as they went through the recruiting process, “it’s all about the people”. Internally, the tagline “it’s all about the people” highlighted the culture built within Vurv. Working for a startup there were a lot of ups and downs and long hours, but you didn’t want to let your colleague down because we were in it together. Appirio, the company I just left to join The Anti, is another organization I LOVED working for. Yes - we had a great solution to sell to the market and yes – I was able to enjoy a great deal of success. But it was the amazing people and the culture that made it difficult to leave. Thankfully, through both these experiences, I have made friends for life.

That brings us to The Anti. I worked with our CEO/Founder, Wayne Chattaway at both Vurv & Appirio, as well as our VP of Delivery, Greg Smith at Appirio. It should be no surprise that The Anti is building a wicked smart team, partnering with an awesome partner (ServiceNow) whose DNA is building an incredible worker experience for their customers. Finally, Wayne and the team have built a culture around unwavering values, empowering the team, and having FUN. Yes, it's exciting to join an organization where the sky's the limit, it’s a great market to be in and I have an opportunity to make an impact in helping grow a company. All these factors played heavily into my decision but without the people, none of the latter would have mattered.