Why I Joined The Anti

During the Summer of 2018, I was ready for a change. I was working a managed services and application support position that was becoming repetitive. I felt that I had learned about as much as there was to learn and started slumping into a repetitive routine. My days consisted of a lot of time doing QA and little time creating innovative solutions. Simply put, I was getting bored and needed a challenge.

August 03, 2021

I learned about The Anti while attending an HR Implementation class with one of their certified ServiceNow instructors. She was engaged, passionate about HR, knew an incredible amount about HR Service Delivery, and took the time to make sure that everyone in the class had their questions answered in a way that they understood. I was looking into the job market and reached out to her to learn more about The Anti. She described a company culture in which all employees are expected to learn, teach, help the team, and generally enjoy life. That last part caught me a little off guard. She described a “work hard play hard” group of people that are just as concerned about their team as they are about delivering on their current projects. To be frank, I thought she was embellishing as I’ve heard similar sales pitches before.

In late August 2018, I decided to give it a try and became a member of the Ant Colony. It’s hard for me to describe just how impactful that seemingly risky decision has been. I’ve worked with AMAZING people throughout my career. People that care deeply about what they do, how their work helps others, and are passionate about helping their colleagues. However, I have never worked at a company that only employed these types of people until now. When we took a vacation a few months back, our PM took over scrum calls and did everything she could to keep the project moving forward while allowing me time to spend with my family. Our Director of Service Delivery is passionate about delivering quality solutions to our clients and he is equally passionate about the mental health of his team. I’ve had technical architects call me between flights and on their evening walks to help me with technical challenges; not because they had to, but because they noticed I had a challenge and used their limited free-time to make sure I was in a good place. I’ve been learning at a pace during the last year that feels faster than any period in my previous ten years of working in IT.

This isn’t by accident. Our CEO, Wayne Chattaway designed it that way. When I interviewed with Wayne I asked him why he founded The Anti. I had already read through his LinkedIn profile prior to the interview and it was clear to me that he had a successful career working for leaders in tech. Why would he take the risk of giving that up? His answer was simple, culture. He wanted to build a company that was as focused on caring for people as it was on caring for technology. I again had that red flag feeling that The Anti was too good to be true. I’m thrilled to report that my initial inhibitions have been completely unfounded and our team is everything that it’s described to be. I’m excited to build from the experiences I’ve had here and pay it forward to future Ants and our clients!