Why I Joined The Anti

Have you ever lost something that you knew was special, but you could not put your finger on it? I mean, a lot of us lose our car keys on occasion and you might freak out, but this is something different. I worked for a start-up and a partner of ServiceNow in 2012 and as I reflect back to that time, I believe the “special” was there.

September 17, 2021

A small organization that worked collaboratively to address all issues of the business. Sales, contracts, development, marketing, etc.. Everyone had a voice, but more importantly, everyone worked together. I have since worked for several consulting firms that stated their organizations are like that or provide this type of atmosphere. Unfortunately, I did not experience that same “spark.”

In February of 2018, a friend and former co-worker knew I may have not been at my most positive and we sat down and started talking about “work.” She asked me the introspective questions like “What are you looking for? What is important to you? What makes you productive?” A few days later she pinged me and said I should check out The Anti. I skimmed the website and a lot of what was there at the time seemed ideal, but again, I have been bitten by this dog before. I chalked it up to marketing hype.

Over the next few weeks, something kept pulling me back to the website. I read through the site multiple times and finally convinced myself to apply. I had my first interview in March of 2018 and then a few more over that month. So… after a few more months and some great discussions with Wayne Chattaway (CEO), the planets aligned and I was given an opportunity to join The Anti.

“SPARK!!” In the brief period that I have been here, I have been part of and witnessed a “team” working together, collaborating, providing great customer service, and all while striving for high quality. The quick and dirty is this: what I read was not marketing collateral. The organization I now get to work with allows me to proudly say, “my name is Dan and I work at The Anti.”