My Journey to The Anti

I have always been a curious, ambitious and self-learner type but never expected it to bring me this far but I am grateful for how far God has brought me. There has been a lot of stops on my journey and I must say those stops have helped me to become the person I am today.

September 17, 2021

My journey to The Anti started about 4 years ago as a Forklift Operator working at a warehouse for a very popular make-up manufacturer. Being the ambitious person I am, I applied for several lead positions because at the time my career goal was to be an Operations Manager in the Distribution Business. However, after being passed on several times I decided to explore other options. Growing up I was always on my Gateway computer learning and fixing things. I had even built my own computer once upon a time but never thought of it as a career because I was fixated on being a manager. After a former supervisor suggested I explore the tech field, I decided to look at networking. With the help of my best friend, I self-studied and passed the Cisco Certified Network Association (CCNA) exam but was never able to get a job in networking (I guess it was not part of God’s plan for me). I ended up working several IT Support jobs and once again my ambition kicked in as now my career goals had changed and I wanted to do more than just IT Support. One company I worked for implemented ServiceNow when I worked there and I was made the queue manager which meant I was assigning all tickets to different workgroups. I instantly fell in love with the platform. After 2 years of working for other companies that used ServiceNow, I decided to take a shot. I self-funded (sometimes you have to believe in yourself even if no one does), self-studied and took the ServiceNow System Administrator Exam in June of 2019 and passed by God’s grace. It took me another year before I got the job I really wanted but during that time I studied and I prayed. I must say that was a pretty tough year working a job where you felt unappreciated and undervalued with no way of climbing the ladder. I remember the day I received the offer from The Anti. I could not sign my offer letter any faster, I later found out that was the fastest an offer letter had been signed. I guess I just knew what I was looking for and The Anti was exactly that. A place where I will be trusted, taught, mentored, valued, and appreciated. In the very short time I’ve been here, I’ve learned so much about the ServiceNow HR Service Delivery platform. And my technical knowledge has vastly improved. My co-workers are the best of the best and are always down to help in any way they can. I look forward to seeing what God has planned for my future with The Anti!