Everybody’s Working for the Weekend

“Friday. Only two working days until Monday.” This was a common saying when I used to work at Big Blue. In much of the consulting world, the expectation of being “always on” has been commonplace for decades. The introduction of smartphones has exacerbated this.

August 03, 2021

When we started The Anti, we were more concerned about why we were doing this, then what we were going to do. The why was inward facing and outward facing. Outwardly, we wanted to make the workday a more pleasant experience for our customers’ employees. We felt like if that was accomplished, employee engagement would increase, resulting in immediate productivity improvements.

Inwardly, we wanted to create a culture of work hard, give back, and play harder. Truly making work-life balance a thing instead of an unattainable goal. Our intention is to work our hardest to do right by the customer and The Anti during the week, and do right for ourselves on the weekend. With this mindset, I believe you create a culture of employees that are better co-workers, parents, spouses, friends, and/or pew-mates. When’s the last time you got an email from your CEO telling you to “stop working on that” over the weekend? If you haven’t, then it's time to explore our career section on our website, and I will be glad to be your first!

“It’s all about the people” is an overused mantra. However, I believe in our world today, it is a requirement. No need to sell yourself to one of the big boys in your 20’s and 30’s anymore. We have an alternative. So what are you waiting for?