The Anti-Thesis

We’re lucky to have learned from some of the best in the HR and service technology industry and we’re obsessed with sharing what we’ve learned.


Wayne Chattaway

We’re Celebrating Two Years at The Anti!

Most of us with children have read the book What to Expect When You’re Expecting. It guides us through a week by week progression of having a baby. How...


Susie Moore

Diversity and Inclusion

On my first day at The Anti, Wayne Chattaway, our CEO, described my responsibilities as “CCR”: Culture, Compliance and Recruiting but the primary focus was always to be on culture....


Kevin Bumber

Why I Joined The Anti

During the Summer of 2018, I was ready for a change. I was working a managed services and application support position that was becoming repetitive. I felt that I had learned...


Wayne Chattaway

People Get Ready!

As I sit here typing my latest blog, it has become more apparent to me that here at The Anti we have found ourselves in the middle of something truly...


Mike Horazy

Why I Joined The Anti

When I was asked to write a blog on "Why I joined the Anti" I was happy to do so, but for some reason, I struggled with getting my thoughts...


Dan Pira

Why I Joined The Anti

Have you ever lost something that you knew was special, but you could not put your finger on it? I mean, a lot of us lose our car keys on...


Wayne Chattaway

With a Little Help from My Friends

I have had the honor of speaking in front of lots of groups in my career. Large groups and not so large groups. In ballrooms. In boardrooms. On the beach....


Wayne Chattaway

Everybody’s Working for the Weekend

“Friday. Only two working days until Monday.” This was a common saying when I used to work at Big Blue. In much of the consulting world, the expectation of being ...


Lauren Barrett

This Time Last Year…

This time last year, I was nursing what remained of my frazzled soul after a transformative yet grueling year of Federal Contracting. I love consulting. I love working in IT....


Wayne Chattaway

Why I Think Humility is Important

Humility is defined as freedom from pride or arrogance. When I decided to start a new company, this was one of the first core values to come to mind. Yes...


Holly Snyder

Why I Joined The Anti

I knew this was something I needed to do. I love adventure and trying new things. I was ready for a change, so I took the leap from Disney to...


David Self

Why I Joined The Anti

I decided to make the jump from Target to The Anti because I know our world is changing. The organizations that realize we need more than human thinking will have...


Sean Antle

My Journey to The Anti

Throughout my last year there, I was restless. I sensed my arc had come back to Earth. "Is my work finished here”? "Do I need to pick a different lane”? ...