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Why I Joined The Anti
Feb 12

Why I Joined The Anti

Mike Horazy

When I was asked to write a blog on "Why I joined the Anti" I was happy to do so, but for some reason, I struggled with getting my thoughts on paper. While I knew in my head, heart, and gut why I joined, my words seemed disjointed and didn’t express my true thoughts. It came across as if I was trying too hard to cover typical reasons. The result sounded like a recruiting blog - very salesy. I shelved it for a couple of days and then visited my favorite Starbucks and just wrote.

Why I Joined The Anti
Jan 10

Why I Joined The Anti

Dan Pira

Have you ever lost something that you knew was special, but you could not put your finger on it? I mean, a lot of us lose our car keys on occasion and you might freak out, but this is something different. I worked for a start-up and a partner of ServiceNow in 2012 and as I reflect back to that time, I believe the “special” was there.

With a Little Help from My Friends
Dec 4

With a Little Help from My Friends

Wayne Chattaway

I have had the honor of speaking in front of lots of groups in my career. Large groups and not so large groups. In ballrooms. In boardrooms. On the beach. Yes, that’s not a typo. On the beach. So when I was asked to be part of a panel to discuss why Improving the Employee Experience is so vital these days, I immediately said YES.

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